Year 2 of ‘Space to Play’ Campaign.

We are delighted to launch year two of our ‘Space to Play Campaign’. The last academic year saw the creation of this initiative in a bid to provide the children of St. John’s with the facilities they deserve to enjoy the many activities they enjoy. Our current hall is simply notfit for purpose and limits the extent to which our children can truly explore their sporting and creative sides.

Our vision is big and will consist of a state of the art building on our school grounds. It will be able to host P.E lessons, Musicals, Plays and Concerts. It is intended that this space is not just for the pupils of St. John’s, but one for the community of Arklow to cherish and share in.

2016/2017 saw us reach our year one target of €35,000. We were truly humbled by the generosity of our community who supported our events and came on board as ‘Space Friends’. If we can repeat this feat in the upcoming year we will be within touching distance of our target of €100,000.

Our first BIG event of the year is almost ready to launch and promises to be our most ambitious yet! We offer fantastic online exposure through our website and social media for all those who come on board as ‘Space Friends’, so please contact the school to discuss our great promotional packages.

Together, we can all do our part to ensure our children have the facilities they deserve to fulfill their potential. Together we can give them their ‘Space to Play’.