2nd Term

We had great fun learning all about friction this week in Science. We rubbed our hands together and discovered how they got hot and made a noise. We learnt how friction is the reason the brakes on our bikes work and are looking forward to testing them out at the weekend.
We put pieces of paper in our Mental Maths books and applied pressure and tried to pull it out. Some of us used our hands to apply pressure and some of us sat on the books. We discovered as we tried to pull the paper out, the people sitting on the books moved too!
Our favourite part of the experiment was the book challenge!! We got two books and intertwined them into each other. We didn’t believe teacher when she said no one would be able to pull the books apart without ripping them! We mustered up all our strength and we could not pull the books apart The books are still stuck together after everyone trying to pull them apart! We had great fun!