Student Council Update: February 

Buddy Bench
Our bench is almost ready and will be delivered to the school soon. Gorey men’s shed are providing the bench. The student council decided to have an art competition among the three 3rd classes for ideas to decorate the bench. The most suitable ideas/designs will be chosen from these for the bench. Ms. Mullan will help with the art work on the bench when it arrives. Thank you Ms. Mullan!
Buddy Bench Ireland will call to the school when the bench is completed and will give a lesson to the three 3rd classes about the buddy bench and how it should be used. A lot of thanks must to go to Ms. Hurley for beginning the organisation process and to Mr. Breen for working with the student council.
Student Council notice boards
The student council also came up with the idea of notice boards/posters to be put up in certain parts of the school. One for 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class and 6th class. Up coming events/activities and reminders for students will be put on these notice boards. The student council reps are designing these and should have them up within the next two weeks. The reps will update these each week. Teachers can also put up items to remind the class groups about.
Games during break and lunch
We have also being looking at different games for during break and lunch time for the back yard. It is possible that soccer might be replaced by Olympic handball for a period of time. Before this will go ahead all rules for this game will be explained to each class. We would also like to try and introduce a quiet area for something like board games for those children who do not want to take part in soccer. This will not come into place until weather improves.