December 2016

It is very important that we support each other in reducing litter and waster in our school. Below are the improvements that are being made by all.

* All children are to bring home their lunch waste (including drink bottles). Under no circumstances should children put any of their lunch waste in the bin. Currently two large bin bags of waste are being collected every day from waste bins in the school.

* Recycling bin in classrooms allows – paper (unused), printed paper from children. Otherwise, it is only the teacher that may need to use recycling bin – plastic, cardboard. Remember all items are to be clean and un-contaminated.

* Waste bin in classroom allow – children parings and used handtowels.

* One hand towel per child when drying hands. On average each classroom is using 9 packets of handtowels per week!

* Labels to be put on waste & recycling bins along with a “one hand-towel” notice for the container.

* S.E.N. team now have a main recycling bin along with smaller bins for their classroom.

* Recycling paper – if possible, re-use one sided printed paper.

* A rota for litter pickers and litter wardens is now in action every day at 12.55pm.

* Litter free classroom award – from the tallied results of litter in each classroom, which will be inspected by the litter wardens on a weekly basis. The cleanest classroom is announced each week. When a class receives the trophy six times, they receive a reward.