Green School Update

We have been very busy this term putting in place our new practices of reducing our litter and waste in our school. The committee have worked very hard in their posts as litter picker and litter warden. Classrooms are winning the “Litter Free Trophy” award each week and it encourages the continuous practice of keeping their classroom litter free.



We carried out a recycling audit in April. The purpose was to ensure all classes are recycling the correct materials. We categorised and counted the materials in each bin.


Class Plastic Paper Cardboard Other
5th/6th 37 26 5 Wet/used tissue x13

Contaminated paper x34

Popcorn x1

Tinfoil x1

3rd/4th 13 347 49 Pencils x2

Bluetack x2

Bread x1

Baby wipe x1

Used/greasy tissue x17

Wood x1

Biscuit x1

Plaster x1

Rubber x1

Sandwich x1

Apple x1

Tinfoil x1

Wood x1

Envelope x1

Contaminated paper x1

Whiteboard markers x2


From our results; the committee members reinforced to each class the importance of recycling and items that are only allowed into the recycling bin.

It clearly shows that regular audits continue to support and reduce litter and waste in our school.