Operation Transformation 2017


Operation Transformation 2017

Our Operation Transformation efforts were recorded by RTE News2Day

….check out the TV footage of us being an active school !

You can see us on the RTE News Twitter page (Feb 10th)



Recently, as part of St. John’s Operation Transformation we were visited by Mark from SkipnRope. All classes participated in skipping workshops over two days. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and were proud to show off their new skills in the demonstration at the end of the day.

St. John’s staff are providing the children with opportunities to partake in morning circuit classes ( 3rd Class on Monday, 4th Class on Tuesday, 5th Class on Wednesday and 6th Class on Thursday) , boot camp, yoga class, mindfullness and a walking club. As we have drawn our inspiration from the popular Rté tv show, Rté will be in school filming for News2Day on February 10th. They hope to record our efforts as a school to get healthy and active. We hope the children are availing of these Operation Transformation opportunities and enjoying the activities before, during and after school.

A special thank you to all staff, parents and children who have helped with these events and activities. Without you all it would not be possible.