About us

St. John’s SNS caters for boys and girls from 3rd to 6th class.


St. John’s Senior National School seeks to foster a welcoming environment where every child will be valued and cherished. We will encourage and guide every child to develop their talents and gifts while caring for each other in the way Jesus taught us. As a school community, we value the contribution of all its members, respect their uniqueness and respond to their individual needs in a caring and supportive manner.


  • We aim to provide an integrated education for the children, to include their academic, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual development.
  • The community of St. John’s SNS comprises of many different people; pupils, parents, teachers and support staff, Parent’s Association and Board of Management. As a school community, we promote partnership between the home, the school and the parish and we work together to achieve our aims.
  • To promote a secure and happy atmosphere within a stimulating environment where the children learn effectively.
  • To provide equal access for all children to a broad balanced curriculum which takes into account the requirements of the Department of Education.
  • To help the children acknowledge that every person is uniquely created by God, is valued equally and is cherished for who he/she is
  • To foster and encourage tolerance, confidence, respect politeness and high standards of behaviour


The aim of the staff is to provide a secure, welcoming and happy atmosphere in our school.

We would hope children look forward to the day in our school. Parents know that they can come to us to discuss their fears and concerns for their children.

The atmosphere in the classroom is stimulating where the children learn effectively. Tolerance, confidence, respect, politeness and high standards of behaviour are fostered and encouraged.